The Smartcon is a compact four channel weigh batch controller with two inbuilt flow meter specially designed for concrete mix application. The controller comes with 6 LED widows to indicate aggregate, cement, water and admix weights. It comes with facilities like Multi cycle auto batching operation, programmable recipes, data logging, data download in USB pen drive, report printing thru 2inch thermal printer as well as with 80 column dot matrix printer and many more..

1. RMC concrete plant
2. Fly ash brick making plants
3. Foam brick making plants

Standard Features:

  1. Specific menu assigned keys
  2. Built in weight indicators
  3. OUTPUT Status indicator in the front panel
  4. On line printer connectivity
  5. Test mode function
  6. Modular design
  7. USB pen drive connectivity

Optional Features:

  1. Data logging Facility
  2. PC connectivity
  3. SMS facility