SLI-01 is an important operational aid to the crane operator to enhance his experience and judgment by providing him “in-box”, all information he needs to carryout the various lifts. The SLI-01 provides the crane operator with the information necessary to operate the crane safely within the maximum permitted loading as specified by the crane manufacturer. It helps in eliminating over-turning, overloading and reducing the down time of the crane, thus maximising productivity and improving work safety.

SLI-01 provides improved accuracy, faster response and very high reliability in crane operation. It isvery robust, have longer life and is very easy to operate and service.

1.    All type of cranes

Standard Features:
1.    Compact easy to read 20X4 line alphanumeric display, requires minimal cabin space.
2.    Site calibration facility.
3.    Clear audio-visual warning with on display panel describing alarm condition.
4.    Digital (Relay) output for interfacing motion cut off facility.
5.    Hooks selection (Main or Auxiliary) and Tare facility.
6.    Rugged power supply unit capable for varying input 10 Vdc to 36Vdc.